The best places to chill out at uni

It’s important to take a break during the business of SWOTVAC and exams, so the team have prepared a list of our favourite places to chill out at Unimelb! The lawn next to the Sidney Myer Asia Centre The water here is so calming, and there are two cafes close by (Cafe Resource attached to the ERC and Shanti Bagwan Cafe in the Alice Hoy … Continue reading The best places to chill out at uni

Six Months of Med School

Travis Lines is a past editor of UniMelb Adventures. He completed Biomedicine last year and now studies Medicine.   Hey everybody! It has been quite a few months since I wrote anything here, so an update is long overdue! Let’s start with the good news.   I SURVIVED FIRST SEMESTER!!! Adapting to Med school is pretty tricky to start with. They really do mean it … Continue reading Six Months of Med School

15 People You Meet at the End of Semester

The end of semester is nigh, and with that comes the crushing realisation that exams are on the horizon. Here are some fellow students you might bump into while studying/crying/lying there silently. 1) The Silent Sufferer Silently lamenting the approaching exam period, may not respond to jokes or remarks about Swotvac. 2) The ‘holy-crap-do-you-know-exams-are-coming-holy-sweet-mother-of-god-help’ Guy The opposite of the Silent Sufferer. Will spend all their … Continue reading 15 People You Meet at the End of Semester

Who are Academic Skills?

Sonia is currently a second year Arts student with a double major of Media and Communications and Psychology. She loves the outdoors and has a passion for photography. Five weeks in and feeling out of academic shape? Whether you’re a first year or a third year, it happens to all of us. Luckily, Academic Skills are there to help. Think of this department as the … Continue reading Who are Academic Skills?